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5 Holiday Gift Mistakes

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Giving Gifts Employees Really Want…
How Savvy Employers Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes
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When the holidays roll around, well-intentioned employers inevitably prove that it is better to give than to receive—much to their employees’ chagrin. This season, however, will be different. There’s free help available to savvy companies who want to show their gratitude and avoid five common mistakes of corporate gift-giving.

The holidays are a time when employees can’t help but anticipate their ‘reward’ for the past 12 months. However, it’s also a time when employers fumble the opportunity. We want to help prevent employers from making the same mistakes we’ve seen countless times over the years.

Certif-A-Gift has guided many companies through all aspects of incentive and recognition programs. We have first-hand experience with the best—as well as the worst—in corporate gifting practices. It is the latter that forms the basis of a new report: “5 Employee Holiday Gift Mistakes—The New Rules of Giving.”

Companies waste chunks of time purchasing gifts that can annoy, or even offend, their employees.  While intentions are good, the results can really be disastrous.

How so? Companies have discovered that, however well-intentioned, the chosen gift is deemed inappropriate or even downright offensive. The boss may value tradition in gift-giving, but employees might see only same old, same old.

It makes a world of difference to be acknowledged for doing a good job. Show your employees you really care, and they’ll work even harder and smarter.

Enjoy your complimentary copy of this book and make sure your appreciation is perceived in the way you intended.

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