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Give an Experience That Lasts a Lifetime


It's easy to reward and recognize with the Gift of Choice. You choose how much you want to spend, and your recipients select their own gifts.

Employees, Customers, Vendors, Contractors, Dealers, Members, Volunteers, and Partners

Years of Service Awards, Retirement Gifts, Safety Recognition, Holiday Gifts, Contests and Incentives, On-the-Spot Recognition

The Easy, Flexible & Fun Gift Giving Solution

Imagine an all-in-one, flexible solution for incentive and recognition programs that offers the perfect gift every time.

How does it work?
You choose a dollar amount that fits your budget and your recipient selects their own gift from our brand name rewards. Your recipients never see prices and regardless of which gift they choose, shipping is free within the contiguous 48 states. Plus, we take care of any customer service issues, including return shipping to our warehouse, should the gift not be questions asked!

3 Options to Celebrate The Choice is Yours

Option 1. Celebrate with Gift Booklets

Presentation items include a Gift Booklet, redemption card, insert letter, presentation jacket, and adhesive foil seal. The redemption card (not pictured) is inserted inside the Gift Booklet and it provides instruction to the recipient on how to redeem one gift choice online, by phone, or mail. A white mailing envelope completes the package. The insert letter can be printed with your company name, logo, and/or custom message.

Option 2. Celebrate with Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards are printed in full color and include instructions for redeeming a gift online. The presentation items include a coordinating Gift Card, note card, and foil seal of your choice. The Gift Card is attached inside the note card and a white mailing envelope completes the package. There are several stock presentation designs. Or, provide your own artwork for a custom look.

Option 3. Celebrate Online


Go Green by delivering your Gift of Choice through the web. We provide you with a spreadsheet of unique redemption numbers. You email one number to each of your program recipients. Then, the recipient uses their redemption number to choose a gift online from a collection of brand-name rewards .

Choose a Gift Level That Fits Your Budget

Gift Level National Delivered Price
Opal 25.00
Topaz 35.00
Pearl 50.00
Ruby 75.00
Emerald 100.00
Diamond 150.00
Pewter 200.00
Copper 250.00
Bronze 375.00
Silver 500.00
Gold 750.00
Platinum 1,000.00
Amber 1,250.00
Crystal 1,500.00
Ivory 2,000.00
Sterling 3,500.00
Titanium 5,000.00

100% Guarantee

We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of your participants and each person must be 100% satisfied upon receipt of their merchandise award. Every detail is handled with the utmost attention and care. Our policy is to treat every participant as the most important person in your business life. We guarantee it!

3 Times More Memorable!


1. Celebrate

Present the recipient with their reward.


2. Selection

Recipient chooses their gift from the gift level you purchased.


3. Memorable

Right from our door to theirs, your recipient receives their gift and enjoys an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Summary of Gift of Choice Benefits

  • The Gift of Their Choice:
    Your recipients always get the gift they want
  • Todays Latest Brand Assortment:
    We do all the sourcing for you
  • Celebration Packet:
    A professional way to recognize and reward
  • Online Redemption Website:
    Quick and easy redemption process
  • Postage Paid Redemption Cards:
    Those not comfortable going online, can order by mail
  • Warehousing:
    We take care of all the logistics for quick delivery
  • Free Shipping/Handling to Contiguous 48 States:
    You know your fixed costs
  • Toll-Free Customer Service (English/Spanish):
    We answer all questions and resolve any issues
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
    Your recipient is always happy with their own gift selection
  • No Minimums:
    You can order the exact quantity you need
  • 17 Plateau Price Levels from $25 to $5,000:
    Fits every budget
  • Totally Turn-Key:
    Saves you time and effort
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