Point Programs

Incentive Programs that reward and recognize
Achievement, appreciation and loyalty—And are up-and-running in a Snap!

We do all the heavy lifting, so you can sit back while we get your program up and running:

  1. Give us your logo and we will create a custom-branded incentive site with your logo, program theme, and rules structure.
  2. Provide your participant list in Excel and we will upload it for you.
  3. You are ready to launch in under five (5) business days.

Want to really impress your participants? Launch your program with a printed catalog:

  1. Send us your artwork for the cover or we’ll even do the artwork for you.
  2. We print and bind your branded cover to our ready-to-go catalog pages.
  3. Your catalogs are in your hands in about ten (10) business days.

Ready to get started?

We will have an incentive program professional contact you within one business day.

Why are point programs so powerful?

Let’s face it, individual performance depends on two really important factors: Ability and Motivation. What hinders the performance of an adequately skilled person is often uncertainty about the age-old question, “What’s in it for me?”

Participants in Gift Headquarters ’s incentive point programs know exactly what’s in it for them. They earn points redeemable for rewards for demonstrating specific skills and achieving pre-determined outcomes. The incentive campaigns are designed to promote specific actions that lead to the achievement of company goals.

Positive reinforcement has proven to be one of the most successful ways to strengthen, prolong, and increase desired behaviors. Gift Headquarters ’s incentive programs work because they align personal goals with corporate goals in a way that inspires enthusiasm and determination.

Here’s how it works—Gift Headquarters works with you to:

  1. Define your company’s primary motivational goals and objectives
  2. Create rules that align your participant’s individual goals with your performance objectives.
  3. Design a custom-branded website and/or physical catalog with theme and company logo.
  4. Develop a communication and promotion campaign for maximum program awareness.
  5. Launch your program on time!


  1. Participants (employees, salespeople, dealers, distributors or customers) earn points every time they meet stated goals.
  2. Gift Headquarters tallies points in bank accounts that participants can access online at any time.
  3. Participants can accumulate points and redeem them for fantastic merchandise of their choice.