5 Steps to Create A Positive Company Culture

Company culture is a vital piece to employee satisfaction and an increase in productivity. People not only want to enjoy their work, but they want to enjoy where they work.

1. Hire the Right People

Company culture really does start with the people. When recruiting, it is important to not only recruit the smartest employees but the most relatable employees who will mesh well into the company culture.

2. Embrace A Social Environment

Creating a social environment is crucial to improving collaboration and overall employee satisfaction. Encouraging social activities not only in the workplace but out of the workplace will help your employees work more as a team than as individuals. Some of these activities can range from celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries to team outings and company retreats.

3. Design A Unique Workspace

Putting in some chairs and posters throughout a cube farm is a depressing work environment. When a company focus on the environment employees need to collaborate in, they will reciprocate that feeling through their work and end results.

4. Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate

Want to know what will motivate the employees and make their job more enjoyable? Ask them! Having an open line of communication not only allows employees to feel safe to give feedback but allows management to give constructive criticism without seeming like they’re laying down the law.

5. Create A Passion for the Work

Motivating your employees to work for a purpose rather than a paycheck is so important to a company culture. When employees feel a passion for the work, they will perform better and work harder. A passion for their work will stem from knowledge of the company’s values and mission.